Are You Ready to Knit a Sweater?

Wool and the Gang Baby Wool Yarn

Once you learn how to knit a baby sweater, there’ll be no stopping you! Sweaters for all the babies!!!

Knitting a sweater always has felt like the measure of wether you can call yourself an experienced knitter or not. But really, isn’t it all just combinations of knits and purls? There are definitely some perks to knitting a sweater, the obvious being the fact that you now own a handmade quality, custom, wardrobe staple that you will probably have for the rest of your life! Or in this case, you’d be able to pass down a baby sized sweater to your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

knitting in public, baby sweater knit

Knitting your first sweater can feel a little daunting so buying a kit may make it easier to just dive right in! Wool and the Gang makes all sorts of knitting and crochet kits that include the pattern, yarn, and tools you’ll need to complete your project. No guess work on what size yarn would work best, or time lost gathering needles you don’t have.

seed stitch knitting, what’s on my needles

This sweet baby sweater kit from Wool and the Gang is called the “Mamma Sweater” and is mainly knit up in the seed stitch which gives it that great texture. I love the bold blocks of color too. Baby sweaters are a great way to start your sweater making skills because they knit up so much quicker! However, you still get the practice of following a more complex pattern, piecing your project together, and probably learning new stitch techniques along the way.

Wool and the Gang Baby Sweater Knit Kit and Blue Corduroy Baby Bonnet

Sweater weather is also a sure sign that it’s bonnet weather too! Hand made goodies from head to toe, what a treat! This Blue Corduroy Sherpa Baby Bonnet in Mustard Corduroy sure looks cute with this color block knit sweater! Bring on the hand made coziness!!!

xo Emily

p.s. Looking for an easier knit to get started with? Try my Golden Hour Scarf pattern with video tutorial to guide you along the way!

p.p.s. Interested in more inspiration and motivation to get knitting? Visit my “How to Knit” Pinterest board!

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Come to the Beach with Us :: a Video

Take a trip to one of our favorite beaches with us! Ruby takes the camera and catches a few glimpses of our trek to the beach and behind the scenes of our scarf photo shoot on location.

I love this video for so many reason! First of all, this memory of laughing with my daughter. Teens really are special people and I love getting to be a part of the awesome woman she is becoming. Of course, the fact that we love where we live and we can share this special place with you via video is another reason I love this. And getting to combine my two passions, nature and creating, into one visual explosion is beyond thrilling!

You already saw the outtakes to this video, and if you haven’t, it’s worth a good laugh. We really do have a lot of fun together! You can watch it here.

And to get your hands on one of these scarves, you’ll find them in my shop.

Or if you’d rather make your own, I’ve got a free pattern for you here!

xo Emily

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I Can Do It All, I Just Don't Want To

Owner of Blue Corduroy, Emily Waechtler, and family

This last spring, I decided it was time to work outside the home. I thought my girls were at an age (teenagers) where they would be better off with me gone more often.  I thought I could go to work, still be a present wife and mother, still homeschool, and still enjoy my hobbies. But guess what? I was totally wrong. Personally, I can't do it all. Well, no, I take that back. I can do it all, but I decided I didn't want to.

And it wasn't just me, but it was my family too! They missed having me around. They missed the spur of the moment conversations that we used to have, dinners prepared where we all sat down together as a family to eat, just my presence in the house was missing even when everybody was independently doing their own thing. Every time I left for work, my heart would break, and I was reminded how these last few years of having my girls living at home were too priceless to not soak up every last bit.

It was a hard decision to make, believe me, because once I got to work, I had a whole new wonderful crew of friends who quickly became my second family. It was fun to be challenged to learn a new skill and to feel like I was part of a team.  But my priorities were clear, family first.

As of this week, I am now officially working from home again, happily sewing hats and knitting bonnets. So thankful that I have this option. So thankful for the time I get to spend with my girls. So thankful that creating is in my soul!