end of summer dress sale!!!

** This sale is now over**
Don't miss out!!  There's only a few dresses left. They are all unique and original, and once these guys are gone, they won't be back.    But summer is ending, which means it's time to make room for some winter goodies in my shop.  So to celebrate a fantastic summer, I'm offering, for a limited time, 50% off all dresses in my shop. Use coupon code 50dress at checkout.

new!! girls reversible sunhats

New! Reversible sunhats for the girls!  This one has a side of lace, the other side has a vintage geometric print.  These hats work as well at the beach as they do at the lake, park, backyard, swimming pool, downtown...

Two hats in one!!  This one has a side of Polka Dot light weight denim, and the other side is a vintage orange stripe fabric.  Both are sunshine magnets! They come in three different sizes, machine washable. Available now.

sunhats! because summer's almost here!!

Are you ready for summer?  We sure are!  
To help you with the necessities of long days in the sun,
 I've made up a fresh new batch of super cute sunhats for your little ones.

These hats can be made in sizes newborn to 24 months.   
They are made from lightweight cotton, 
some vintage prints, some modern prints.  
They have a chin strap, because I don't know about your little ones, 
but mine often tried to pull theirs off, 
and once they find they can't they seem to just give up trying.  
What I might like the best about these hats though, 
is that they are washable!!

Available in the shop now.  Grab yours before they're all gone.

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postcards from an afternoon at sandspit

Dear Friend,  Our afternoon at Sandspit yesterday was lovely!  You can see the whole sandspit here, it's that finger of sand reaching all the way to Morro Rock and the harbor mouth.

The trail is peaceful, and not too long.  Although the trudge back up the sand dune is a doosey.

The waves were small.  Too small for surfing.  But because of the steep incline of the beach, the shore pound is always exciting.

The girls wasted no time getting their wetsuits on and fully enjoying the day.  The water temp. is still around 57, even in late July!

We hope your having a great summer, and look forward to seeing you soon!!

california succulents

The soil in my yard is 100% sand.  We live a block away from the bay.  There are some beautiful native plants that grow in this soil and climate, including the fennel forest growing on its own accord in our backyard.  My succulents do well too.  They don't need much attention from me, which is a must, because I often forget to tend to my outdoor plants.

A few weeks ago, though, I did a lot of tending to my succulent garden just outside my front door.  Many of my succulents had had babies!  When these babies are big enough, I break them off and start them on their own, often right next to their mama's.  Sometimes the mama plants get leggy, when their stems get super long, so i took them out, broke off their long stems, and stuck them back in close to the soil.

I am now watering my little guys often, 
because some day I'm hoping my front garden will grow into this:

Succulent garden ideas

or this:

home time

I fell off my photo a day wagon about a month ago.  It seemed so harmless at first, but the longer I stayed off, the harder it was to get back on.  I'm back on now, but feeling rather rusty.

I noticed this last week that most of my photos are cozy "at home" shots.  This has definitely been my love lately.  Although it's summer time and we're out and about all day and loving it, there is a special spot in my heart for my cozy home time.

This has been a skill I've had to relearn since having kids.  There was a time when they were babies that I packed them up and got out of the house as quickly as I could.  I think this was the only way I knew how to relax with them, to be away from all the duties I just wasn't accomplishing at home.

Now those days have past, and I have learned how to relax, with my family, at home.  
I wish I learned it sooner.

summer beach season begins

School is out.  And that means it's beach season.  Except, it's beach season all year for my family.  But, I guess to make summer beach season feel more special, I decided to make a new beach blanket and beach bag.  I figure this is my equivalent to buying new patio furniture (which we won't be doing this year).  But really, the beach is I where I do a lot of my summer time entertaining, and I can enjoy a good friend and a cool drink on my new beach blanket as easily as I could on new patio furniture.

 The bag is white and orange-y patchwork.  Extra roomy, with padded straps and lining for durability and comfort.  I also put in some large zipper pockets for the essentials: sunscreen, hair ties, surf wax.

This last year when I taught embroidery lessons to a sweet group of girls, my girls and I had some pretty little embroidery pieces that needed homes.  I decided to put them here and there on the beach bag.

Ginger mastered the chain stitch and lazy daisy stitch.  How could I not want to look at that all summer?

I made the blanket and the bag a sort of a set.  The blanket is a white, aqua, and orange patchwork, with some pieces of my old beach blanket and the awesome vintage trim from my old beach blanket.  I couldn't say good bye to that. 
 What makes summer special for you?

a new beach hoodie

Ruby has a new beach hoodie for the summer time foggy mornings at the beach.
It was a hand me down, too big, boy sweatshirt with a skull on the chest.  
But, where there is a large aqua zipper, there is potential.

We knew the sweatshirt would be usable if we could think of a creative way to cover up that skull.  
(We are not partial to skulls on our belongings in this house).
We thought of various shapes to applique on.  None of them seemed quite right.  Then I knew when our buddy Toni came over for a visit that she would have a great idea.  (You can always count on Toni for great ideas!). 
 She had an idea for us right away!  A doily!
I have a basket full of vintage thrifted doilies for such occasions as this, but they were all too large.  I knew in time I would come across just the right size, or I could even buy a new one at the craft store.  I couldn't wait.  I made one.  I found the doily pattern here.  I also put a new white string in the hood to tie it all together.  Now I want to put a doily on everything.  And you know what they say in Portlandia...

summer sunhats

I have put my crochet hook aside for a while.  I can feel summer getting closer and closer.  It's no secret that I love a floppy hat.

These summer hats for girls were so fun to put together.  I made the pattern to fit a girl anywhere from 3 to 7 years old, pretty much any girl who would fit a hat circumference of 22". 

They have two fun vintage lace stripes on the brim.  And they tie under the chin (such a necessity).

As usual, I've put some vintage sheet material as the liner.  I couldn't resist.

These are now available in the shop.

Coming soon....infant sunhats....with ruffles!

salsa from the garden

We grew tomatillos this summer.
I just love the little green papery lanterns.

After I harvested these guys, I made up a huge batch of salsa verde, bagged it up, and put it in the freezer.

It was a simple recipe:

I froze it raw, and will eventually simmer it with my chicken, to make some yummy enchiladas!

a moment of thanksgiving

This cold I've been fighting all week has finally taken over.

I'm thankful for the long weekend ahead to recover.
I'm thankful my husband will be home from working far far away from home.
I'm thankful for the wonderful week I had with my mom who came to visit.
I'm thankful I'll be teaching a small class of kids sewing again.
I'm thankful I'll also be teaching a crochet class.
I'm thankful for the sun that soon will be shining on my house, as soon as all this summer fog goes away.
I'm thankful for these orange flowers that live down the street.

dress sale!

Dresses are on SALE in my shop to celebrate another fabulous summer season!

With coupon code summer11 you will recieve 30% off your dress order!!
This offer is good through the end of August.

My shop is freshly loaded with girls sizes 2 thru 8.
In a variety of shapes and colors.
Enjoy the rest of summer!!

3rd annual kid craft fair

This years Kid Craft Fair was the best yet!
57 booths.
Over 100 kids participating.
And such a great variety of creativity!!

Homemade jam! We got some, and it is YUM!

See the eager shopper on the left? How can you resist?

What amazing colors!

My own Ruby's booth. :)

This boy made cupcakes in honor of his sister's birthday.

It's not a kids craft fair without a few pet rocks!

It was such a fun day seeing whole families come together in support of their kids' creativity
and in support of the community as a whole.

With many thanks to Joe and the Los Osos Library staff for hosting the event!

This really is such a simple event to pull together. And this year, with the help of a few key volunteers, I'm calling it the best yet!

queen bee market {summer 2011}

The Queen Bee Market is back again in San Diego!!

Saturday, August 6th
9 am to 6 pm
Bayfront Hilton Downtown
1 Park Boulevard
San Diego, California

Always a collection of amazing hand crafts.
Always creative and talented friends.
Always a good time!

This summer I have a couple of new products I am excited to bring along with me!

The hanging hearts and shells come in a small size (with one heart)
and a large size (with 3 hearts).
The shell makes it feel like home.

These jar cozies have an unlimited amount of uses.
I use mine as vases, pencil holders, knitting needle storage, etc.
Or there cute just sitting there, as empty as can be.

If you're local to the San Diego area, or close to it, come on by and say hello!!

3rd annual kid craft fair

Ruby has pretty much been preparing for this years kids craft fair since
the end of last year's kids craft fair!

Ginger doesn't think too much about it, until the last minute, when she decides she's going to sell lemonade (she's sold out the last 2 years).

This craft fair was a hit from the start.
I am so thankful that our library is so supportive of this awesome kid community event.
We modeled it after the kid craft fair in my sister's town of Bellingham, WA where we were happy to be a part of their 40th annual kids craft fair!

This will be Los Osos' 3rd annual kid's craft fair!

It is this Saturday, July 30th
10:30 to 12:30
at the Los Osos Library

This year we will have over 50 booths set up in the library's parking lot.
With Hula dancers for the entertainment.

It's open to kids up to the age of 13.
Each item must be handmade, by the child, and sold for $4 or less.

Ruby's favorite part is the last 15 minutes when Joe, our librarian, blows the whistle and announces "fire sale". The kids then start trading whatever is left of their wares with each other. So they not only come home with some cash, but a whole handful of awesome crafts!