the stitch market in pictures

Last week we had our Spring Edition Stitch Market

 My friend Lindsey and I rent a room from a church located downtown.  
Then we pick our vendors from a stack of applications.  We try to find a well balanced variety of talent, keeping our customers shopping habits in mind. The market is open for two days, and runs with a centralized check out. 
 That means our customers shop all the vendors, fill up their shopping tote, and then bring all their purchases to one register to pay.  
It's so much easier for everybody! 

 Once the market begins, Lindsey and I, and our ever faithful Stacy and Robin, are super busy, but before we let the customers in I took a few photos for y'all.

So much thanks to all our talented vendors, you ladies are an insipration!!  And we all thank our loyal customers who encourage and support us in our passions!! 
 I can't wait until the fall market!

little granny rounds and scented sachets

Who doesn't love to make little granny rounds?  They're so quick.  You can pick whatever colors you want. And they're round, for heavens sake!

I made a big batch of  little scented granny round sachets to sell at the Stitch Market (which starts today!!) in honor of Mother's Day.  Mom's just love little pretty, smelly, hand made things.  They always have.

These are so easy and fun to make, that I've written up a tutorial for Krystina's blog Lollipops.  Go on over there and make yourself some!

stitch market :: spring edition

Less than two weeks away, and the excitiment is building!  Lots of preparing behind the scenes going on over here.  Getting merchandise made and ready to sell.  Handing out flyers.  Getting things ready for the venue.  Many last minute details swimming through my head.

We have a list of vendors up on the Stitch Market blog.  I'm always so amazed to see how much talent our town has!  So glad to have them all join us!!
And a big thanks to Christina Carroll of Rooted in Paper for another fabulous flier desgin!!

holiday stitch market 2012

Today feels a bit like Christmas to me.  You know the feeling, of waiting and preparing for something for months...and then finally it's here. 

Lindsey and I are so excited to introduce our loyal and new customers to our talented local vendors.  We've got a great variety this holiday with a perfect mix of favorites, and new goodies, ready to find loving homes.  

We'd love to have you stop in and see what the Stitch Market is up to!!

fall scarves: shop update

It's starting to really feel like fall, isn't it?  It feels like the right time to be making (and wearing) some fun new scarves!!  Here's just a few of the new colors and designs I have added to the shop.  Including new flower pins!  There seems to be an infinite variety of colors and styles when it comes to scarves, so don't be surprised if you keep seeing new ones popping up over here.  And if you have any favorite combo's you want to tell me about, please do!

Another good reason to start stocking up on these scarves is that I'm preparing for the upcoming Stitch Market this holiday season!  It will be held Dec. 6th and 7th.  See here for more details.  Lindsey and I always enjoy putting this fun market together.

welcome to the stitch market

Our market was a success!  All of Lindsey and my hard work and visions came together to be what we hoped it would be, at our debut downtown location.   We had the best vendors, and such supportive customers. Thank you to everyone!

 Here is a virtual Stitch Market experience with just a sampling of photos from a few of our vendors. 

Welcome to the Stitch Market!
Come on in...

 Grab a shopping tote, let's see what's for sale, grab a snack,
 and then check out at the front when we're done.

 Such a cute rainbow assortment from Pleated Poppy.

Poppy Soap Co.'s booth smells like heaven.

We'll just have to come down this aisle another time, when the crowd dies down.

Here's Stacy Lynn's booth, always very full of admirers trying things on.

 Glitter Farm's x-large blossoms- so pretty.

 Yes!  something for the boys.

What sweet one of a kind clutches from Kasey Sews...

...come again soon!
See Lindsey's blog here for more photo's.

spring stitch market 2012

This is going to be so much fun!  25 local vendors.  new location.  lovely handmade goodies.  and more!

We've always had this market at Lindsey's house.  Her house is so perfect for hosting a handmade boutique.  Her house IS a handmade boutique.  But, unfortunately, we've outgrown it!

Our new location adds a bit of excitment!  It's right downtown, and it's much bigger than Lindsey's living room!  But new things can also be a bit scary, and intimidating.  We've never done a show this big.  We haven't even met some of our vendors. 

Come check out our exciting and scary boutique this Thursday evening and Friday morning at Grace Church, downtown SLO.

The Stitch Market is growing!

Our last Christmas Market was such a success, we had the best vendors, and such great customers. Here is a slide show of our last couple of markets:

 But then the dreaded city of San Luis Obispo showed up and told us that we were not allowed to do this sort of business in Lindsey's home. Now what!?

Lindsey and I had no other choice. Stitch Market needed to find a new home.  Our next market will be taking place at Grace Church, right downtown!  There will be more space, which means more vendors, which means, more awesome stuff!  We have set a date for the Spring Market:

Thursday April 26th & Friday April 27th

We are now accepting vendor applications here!
Find out more information here.