new baby pom pom beanies!!

Here's my first batch of knit beanies for the shop!!  I can't get enough of the pom poms, I want to put one on everything.  These come in a few different sizes for baby because they just don't stop growing.  Made from super soft acrylic yarn for an itch free experience.  Blues and greens for the boys...

Pinks and oranges for the girls...The color combo's of the diamond patterns are super fun and lively.  The ombre stripes are a classic look you can wear with anything.  Babies are sold separately.

Coming soon:  Kid and adult knit beanies!

Super thanks to Toni Weber Photography for the beautiful photos.  And thanks a million to my precious baby models and their parents.

new!! girls reversible sunhats

New! Reversible sunhats for the girls!  This one has a side of lace, the other side has a vintage geometric print.  These hats work as well at the beach as they do at the lake, park, backyard, swimming pool, downtown...

Two hats in one!!  This one has a side of Polka Dot light weight denim, and the other side is a vintage orange stripe fabric.  Both are sunshine magnets! They come in three different sizes, machine washable. Available now.

sunhats! because summer's almost here!!

Are you ready for summer?  We sure are!  
To help you with the necessities of long days in the sun,
 I've made up a fresh new batch of super cute sunhats for your little ones.

These hats can be made in sizes newborn to 24 months.   
They are made from lightweight cotton, 
some vintage prints, some modern prints.  
They have a chin strap, because I don't know about your little ones, 
but mine often tried to pull theirs off, 
and once they find they can't they seem to just give up trying.  
What I might like the best about these hats though, 
is that they are washable!!

Available in the shop now.  Grab yours before they're all gone.

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little granny rounds and scented sachets

Who doesn't love to make little granny rounds?  They're so quick.  You can pick whatever colors you want. And they're round, for heavens sake!

I made a big batch of  little scented granny round sachets to sell at the Stitch Market (which starts today!!) in honor of Mother's Day.  Mom's just love little pretty, smelly, hand made things.  They always have.

These are so easy and fun to make, that I've written up a tutorial for Krystina's blog Lollipops.  Go on over there and make yourself some!

the bigger the bun, the bigger the bow

I love a big bun.  
And how cute are they with a big bow!

 I just made up a handful of these big bows for my esty shop 
and Stitch Market.  
Some stripes, some chevrons and plaids, and some vintage florals.  

Then the girls and I had ourselves an good old fashion photo shoot.  
Ginger played the model, Ruby as my stylist.
Ruby has an amazing knack with hairstyles, 
and with step by step instructions of big messy buns on pinterest,
 just about anyone can achieve some great up dos.

This time I payed them each a dark chocolate peanut butter cup.  
Chocolate well spent.