A Thankful Sale!

     One thing I am thankful for this year is all of you who encourage and inspire me in running my own handmade business.  That deserves a SALE!  I'll be celebrating you this Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Sunday and Cyber Monday with a 30% off sale in my etsy shop.  Use code THANKS30 at checkout.  Hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

holiday stitch market 2012

Today feels a bit like Christmas to me.  You know the feeling, of waiting and preparing for something for months...and then finally it's here. 

Lindsey and I are so excited to introduce our loyal and new customers to our talented local vendors.  We've got a great variety this holiday with a perfect mix of favorites, and new goodies, ready to find loving homes.  

We'd love to have you stop in and see what the Stitch Market is up to!!

holiday stitch market in pictures


Part of the charm of this home boutique is the home. Lindsey's house is so fun to play in!

The items not for sale were often mistaken for merchandise to buy, because they all mingled so beautifully together.

We ended up moving every piece of furniture into the garage to make room for all the amazing vendors. And it was a full house!

Brooke brought her deliciously amazing cupcakes again! My favorite: Salted Carmel!

These pictures are only showing the living/dining room space of the boutique. We also had vendors in all the bedrooms, too! For a list of all our amazing vendors see here.

Thanks to Lindsey (and family)for being so generous with your home, thanks to all the local talent who came with amazing things to sell, and thanks to our long lines of customers for encouraging and supporting us! This was definitely the best Stitch Market yet!!

'tis the season

I just love holiday decorations! But I am always so dissappointed in my inability to get it right. Why, when I decorate for Christmas, does my house just look cluttered? And random? And wrong?

This year I am doing things different. This year we are in a different (bigger) house, so the cluttered feeling is not so much a problem. This year, I am incorporating some consistency. This year, I am consulting pinterest. This year, I am putting away some "regular" display items to make room for the extra Christmas decor.

I can't stop thinking about this, those colors, and shine.

What works for you at your house?

random bits of this and that

I just had to share a few random bits too good to keep to myself!

1) My friend Ginger of Wienerdog Tricks has a large quantity of talents, including her ability to write real well (she is a professional professor, you know) and her seamstress abilities are top notch too! But I'm wondering if maybe she should have been a comedian. I'm not a big fan of vlogs (video blog posts). For some reason they usually embarrass me to watch them. But this vlog Ginger put together had me on the floor laughing my head off! Thanks for the entertainment, Ginger, and the inspiration to "go make something".

2) My other friend, Toni, (another multi-talented friend) just posted on her blog Porridge some darling pictures of some of her kids and all of my kids hanging out together. We were honored to be guests at their house this Thanksgiving, and Toni's camera is never too far out of reach. She not only cooks a fabulous feast, but takes amazing portraits! Thanks for sharing these, Toni!

3) The Stitch Market begins Tomorrow! This will be our 4th annual Holiday Boutique hosted by (another talented friend!!) Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy! If you live nearby, grab your friends and come join us for local handmade goodies, and a sip of wine!!

Thursday Dec. 1st 6pm - 9pm & Friday Dec. 2nd 10am - 2pm.
We have a great line up of almost 20 vendors selling amazing gifts for the holidays!

Shopping Local

different, but the same

the tea dress is a must. one of those dresses your girl can do anything in. from parties to playgrounds to school to the beach. i actually had one customer say that her daughter asked if she could sleep in it!

this season, the tea dress has a cute little bow on the front waistline. a fresh new look. same comfortable fit, same colorful recycled vintage prints.

i've just filled the shop with a bunch of these in sizes 2 to 8.
perfect for easter and spring!

***coming soon... the stitch market...april 28th and 29th...a local boutique***

hearts to you!


last weekend we did one of our favorite christmas time traditions.
this is not a tradition we've done year after year for decades, it's actually a brand new tradition. but one we've all decided to do year after year from now on (we even high fived on the idea!).

we went to "the city" with mark's parents, and spent the day
enjoying the sights, eating great food,
soaking up the season.

some of the highlights:
  • ice skating in union square (in the rain!)
  • eating lunch in china town
  • spending the day with family
  • riding on bart (first time for the girls)
  • people watching
what are some of your favorite christmas time traditions?

holiday boutique line up

i am busy and overly excited preparing for two local holiday boutiques this week!

the first will be this thursday at my buddy lindsey's house. this is always a fun, festive, creative extravaganza. this show will have a handful of talented guest artists among our usual group of hardcore crafty geniuses.

the stitch market's winter boutique
thursday, december 2nd
open house 6-9pm
the more friends you bring, the more raffle tickets you get
(and the prizes are amazing!)

contact me for directions.

next up on the calendar is a holiday trunk show and benifit put on by craftinista.
they are providing a fabulous array of artists, a toy drive to benefit needy children, and yummy local treats and wine.

craftinista holiday show and benefit
friday, december 3rd, 5-7pm
hosted by bambu batu

1026 broad street, slo

bring an unwrapped toy to be entered in the raffle

if you're local, please come!! i'd love to see you!