How to Measure a Head for the Perfect Fitting Hat

Buying hats online can be very challenging.  Hats, like shoes, are one of those items you really want to try on first.  Here's three simple steps to measure you, or your child's head to help pick the best fitting hat for their noggin.

measuring a head

Three Simple Steps:

1.  Find a sewing measuring tape.  (If you don't have one of these handy, you can always use a piece of string, and once you've completed the rest of the steps, hold the string up to the a yardstick to find your measurement.) 

2.  Wrap the measuring tape around the head by going across the forehead and over the ears.

3.  Lap the end of your measuring tape over itself and read the number.  Try to read to the nearest 1/4", best to be as accurate as possible here. (My little assistants head measures 19")

This measurement should now make it easier to find the appropriate head size on the Blue Corduroy size chart.  Don't let the age guidelines confuse you.  Many heads don't fit exactly into age categories.  The measurement is far better at determining the right size to buy.

How to Read the Size Chart:

Once you have the head circumference measurement, you want to match it up to the size chart.  If your baby's head measured 17 1/4", for example, the best fit for this season would be a 6-12 mos. size with a little room to grow. 

  • 0-3 mos. - 12 to 14" head circumference.

  • 3-6 mos. - 14" to 16" head circumference.

  • 6-12 mos. - 16" to 18" head circumference.

  • 12-24 mos. - 18" to 19.5" head circumference.

  • Small (ages 3-5 yrs.) - fits head circumference of 19" to 20"

  • Medium (ages 5-7yrs.) - fits head circumference of 20" to 21"

  • Large (ages 7-9yrs.) - fits head circumference of 20.5" to 21.5"

What to Do if You're Between Sizes:

I would suggest you find the size hat to fit your baby the size they are right now.   But,  what if your baby's head is in between sizes.  I always recommend going for the larger size in this case, best to have a little growing room, that to feel too squished.  Enjoy the proper fitting hat now, and when they grow, move on up to the next bigger size.

Don't Hesitate to Ask:

Now you’re ready to go shopping for a baby bonnet or sun hat! Come visit my shop and if you have any questions about the right fit for you or your child, don't hesitate to ask.  I will be happy to help you figure out what size hat you should get. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter below for a discount on your first purchase!

xo Emily

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