a springtime birdie happy place

Ruby and Ginger and I have recently discovered the love of bird watching!  It's like a treasure hunt that feels like once you have found a sweet new bird, you've made a friend for life.

In honor of spring and my new love of birds I've made a tree full of birdies I can have right here in the house that Simon the Cat won't be so interested in.  They are simply a round granny square, sewn in half, with a beak and hanging string attached.  The complete tutorial is over at Krystina's cute blog, Lollipops, go check it out!

pastel spring dresses

I just love pastels right now.  So soft.  So feminine.  Looking at them just warms me up inside.  So, I couldn't resist making this limited edition of springtime dresses in a rainbow of vintage pastels.

Perfectly pastel.  Soft and feminine.  Upcycled vintage fabrics.  Striped ruffles.  Limited edition.

happy feet

 Yesterday was one of those days.  The girls knew exactly what to do with themselves.  What girl doesn't?  
The sun was shining in the afternoon sky.  The air was still and warm.  They all ran inside from the car ride home, grabbed the beach blanket, a snack, and headed for the backyard to soak up the day.

 The natural progression from sun soaking to pedicures is a phenomenon.  

 It can take quite some time picking just the right shade.
  Especially when you're relaxed.

These are some happy feet.

color and photos

Color is the theme for the next couple of weeks in my cousin Megan and mine's photo a day project.  This theme can be pretty open to interpretation, and is a very fun and easy one to acheive.  We have come up with a list of themes, with the help of Lukas.  We will be picking randomly from these themes every couple of weeks.  I think it worked out perfectly to start out with some easy ones.  There are a few in our list that are going to require a bit more concentration and perhaps manual reading.  But I'm looking forward to them all, really.  I want to stretch myself and learn more.  

This new photography love of mine has definitely been a happy place for me in  my creative rut.  The rut hasn't trickled over into my camera.  My camera has actually been a tool to help dig me out of my rut.  As are my selfish sewing projects. 

texture all around

I've really been enjoying my photo a day challenge. I'm pleased to find that it hasn't been a burden at all to take at least one photo every day. Megan and I did find, however, that we were challenged with "what" to take a picture of. So we gave ourselves a category of the week. We decided that we would look for "texture" as inspired by Little Brown Pen.
I was actually surprised at how much texture I could find in my little world.

This little orange frog sits on the window sill above my kitchen sink, next to his buddy the turtle.

I loved this texture in such a massive scale on Morro Rock.

The texture on textiles has always grabbed my attention, but what about the texture of a bright ruffle?

I found even more texture photos this week over here.

hapiness = yarn

My hook has been flying lately. And I have been happy as a clam! All the color combination possibilities, all the patterns. We are sure to be cozy this fall.

The ulitmate in crochet happiness is sitting on my front porch in the sun, or on my upstairs couch, gazing out my picture window, or watching a movie next to my husband, with a hook in my hand and a basket of yarn by my side.

This little guy is stuffed now, but soon all those lovely colors will be wonderful creations, and it will be time to fill him up again.

Oh, and never mind the messy condition all those balls are in. I'm too busy sitting in the sun crocheting to bother rolling them up nicely. I'll have to do that some other time.


Well, I'm happy to say that I am now feeling more comfortable with my camera.
I'm understanding more about the different settings, and how to adjust them.
I'm noticing when the lighting is nice, and when it is not.
And I'm having a TON of fun!

I've decided the next step for me is practice.
And lots of it.

I'm joining up with Vanessa's Color Your World {100 Project} flickr group,
to help me focus on my subject matter.
I'm joining up halfway through, but I'm a "glass is half full" sort of gal.
So, pink it is for now.

From blog photos