Turn your dresses into skirts


This is not a new idea.  And you've probably done it before.  But, If your like me, even if you've done it before, sometimes a little reminder can turn the light bulb on.  My reminder was meeting a couple of sweet mama's at the beach the other day.  They were both wearing such cute skirts, and I made the mental note "I need some new skirts".  The next day, at Goodwill, I find two dresses, one was too big, the other was not a flattering fit on my bod.  The light bulb turned on.  


I can't even tell you how easy it was to turn this Billabong tube top dress into a long skirt.  It already had the elastic waist for heaven's sake!  All I had to do was cut that top part off, and hem the bottom to be the right length.  Done!


This dress was a bit large in the bodice, but I really liked that fabric and that bohemian feminine airiness.  Because the hemline was already so pretty on this one, I started at the bottom, figured out how long I wanted it, and cut the waist, keeping in mind how much extra I needed to make the elastic casing.  After the casing was sewn up and elastic threaded through I was done.  

Two new skirts added to my California beach mama fall wardrobe.  

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