What My Girls Like About Homeschooling

Ever wonder what a homeschool kid thinks about being homeschooled?    

Wild + Free is a homeschool community of an "emerging group of mothers and homeschoolers who want their children to not only receive a quality education, but also to experience the adventure, freedom, and wonder of childhood."  This organization puts out monthly content bundles chock full of resources  to help inspire, inform and motivate your homeschooling journey

This months bundle has an interview with 10 homeschool students answering the question of what they love about homeschooling.  Ruby and Ginger both responded.

happy homeschooler

"I love how being home schooled I can do activities I am truly interested in for the greatest part of the day! After arithmetic and history or science, one afternoon could look like this: I hop on my bike and tour to the bay. There I take a few photos and explore my camera's manual settings, to try to figure out what shutter speed is. Then I return to our home and write a blog post about my outing to the bay and about the speed of my shutter. I click over to my other tab on the computer and start adding a new product to my Etsy shop, Ruby by the Sea. Now it would probably be time for chores, but after those jobs my next adventure would be to write another chapter on whichever book I was working on at that time. I adore all my free time that I get with being home schooled!"  by Ruby age 13


homeschool student

I like home school because I have time to do whatever I like to do.  I get to learn what I want in science and get to always be reading about flowers and other books. And our school day is very short.  By Ginger age 10

If you homeschool or are interested in gathering more information on this lifestyle, I highly suggest subscribing to Wild + Free's monthly content bundles, and following along with their instagram feed @wildandfreeco.