in love again with indoor plants

As a young adult, my main mode of decorating my living space was with plants.  They were my little friends.  I loved how alive they made a room look, and tending to them was so rewarding.  Then I had babies.  I discovered I couldn't tend to both babies and plants in an effective way, so the plants were either given away, or endured a slow death.

via emily henderson 

Well, I'm ready to start my indoor garden again.  There is so much amazing inspiration to get me excited to  start collecting and growing.  A great beginning place was this video by Emily Henderson,
styling an indoor garden video , she's just adorable, and I love her style.

Rubyellen's home, via A Beautiful Mess
Rubyellen's home, as featured on A Beautiful Mess is also great inspiration to get some new green life into my home.

via smile and wave
I just love how Rachel from Smile and Wave styles her home, and here she has a great collection of plants in her bedroom with wood and metal accents.  
She's so creative!

via a beautiful mess
This trio of hanging plants is so shiny and fresh!  Elsie has a whole how-to on how she made these vintage hanging bowls over at her blog A Beautiful Mess.