goodwill, you're too good!

One of my thrifting rules is that if I don't need it right now, then don't get it.  This is a hard rule to follow.  Because when you're at the thrift store, you're thinking #1 everything here is so cheap, what could it hurt to buy it and see if I can find a use for it later, right?  or #2 everything here was never here before, and will never be here again, so i better get it, this is my last chance, right?

But if you make a habit out of going to the thrift store, like I do, you can easily wind up with closets full of crap you thought you might use at some point, only to pack up and give back to the goodwill a year later.

But I have a weakness.  A weakness for retro hot pink floral patterns.  A weakness for jars with lids.  A weakness for fabric that is indescribably awesome.

Well, if anything, my closets will be super cute!  No, wait, I take that back.  I'm totally gonna find a use for each and every one of these.  You just wait.