goals and baby steps

My thoughts from the last post have matured into a new goal for blue corduroy.  Remember, I was planningn on making larger quantities of items for my shop?  Well, I'm going one step further.  I'm setting a goal.  It isn't a super major life changing goal, or even an out of reach goal.  Just a humble baby step goal.  But that's how I role.

I also just recently read somewhere that if you say your goals out loud, to somebody, you are 100% more likely to acheive said goal.  So here goes:

I'm going to fill my esty shop with 120 products.

I'm actually not too far from it, I'm at 80 products right now.  See on the right side of the screen shot, where it says "Shop Sections", just below that it says "Shop home 80 items".

Now, I know this is just a baby step goal, and I haven't actually said out loud any bigger goals than that, but for now I'm just taking it one baby step goal at a time.

As I said in my previous post, I've got some fun product ideas to make and fill my shop with, but I'd love to hear of any ideas you would like to see in my shop!