new items in the shop and progress

The shop has a couple new items in it this week!

I am totally in love with this bold black and white chevron striped pillow.  My mother in law told me years ago that every room benefits from a touch of black.  She was so right!  This pillow looks good wherever I put it.  It now sits in the shop next to the other crocheted pillows ready to cozy up your couch.

The last infant sunhats I made didn't last very long in the shop, so here's a new offering of ruffly sunshine.  This hat is made to fit an infant from 3 to 9 mos. (or a head measuring 16" to 18" circumference). It is made from, you guessed it, vintage sheets and a bit of Amy Butler aqua and orange polka dots.  I only made two of these, find them here with the other child hats in my shop.

My shop is continually growing and improving.  One thing I am always striving for is quality product photos.  Not only of individual items, but how the photos of each item look with all the other product photos in my shop, as a whole unit.  I want my shop to look like it all goes together.  As I take new product photos, I am constantly trying new areas to shoot in, with various backgrounds and props, trying to find the perfect "blue corduroy" look.

If I already have a photo of an item, I don't always take a new one, just because I've made the item again.  To save time, I'll just use what I have.  But this photo, taken 2 years ago, was in need of an update.  Two years ago, all my shop photo's had an outdoorsy look.  But now, it didn't quite fit in anymore.

Here's is the updated photo.  New crisp white background.  New form to hang the hat on.  New camera even!  I've also been playing around with a few props here and there for interest.  I thought these classic books looked real cute with the colors of this hat.

I would love to add in more live model shots.  There's nothing cuter than seeing a beautiful little girl with something darling on.  That's next on my list.  What makes a product photo stand out to you?