home time

I fell off my photo a day wagon about a month ago.  It seemed so harmless at first, but the longer I stayed off, the harder it was to get back on.  I'm back on now, but feeling rather rusty.

I noticed this last week that most of my photos are cozy "at home" shots.  This has definitely been my love lately.  Although it's summer time and we're out and about all day and loving it, there is a special spot in my heart for my cozy home time.

This has been a skill I've had to relearn since having kids.  There was a time when they were babies that I packed them up and got out of the house as quickly as I could.  I think this was the only way I knew how to relax with them, to be away from all the duties I just wasn't accomplishing at home.

Now those days have past, and I have learned how to relax, with my family, at home.  
I wish I learned it sooner.