california succulents

The soil in my yard is 100% sand.  We live a block away from the bay.  There are some beautiful native plants that grow in this soil and climate, including the fennel forest growing on its own accord in our backyard.  My succulents do well too.  They don't need much attention from me, which is a must, because I often forget to tend to my outdoor plants.

A few weeks ago, though, I did a lot of tending to my succulent garden just outside my front door.  Many of my succulents had had babies!  When these babies are big enough, I break them off and start them on their own, often right next to their mama's.  Sometimes the mama plants get leggy, when their stems get super long, so i took them out, broke off their long stems, and stuck them back in close to the soil.

I am now watering my little guys often, 
because some day I'm hoping my front garden will grow into this:

Succulent garden ideas

or this: