summer beach season begins

School is out.  And that means it's beach season.  Except, it's beach season all year for my family.  But, I guess to make summer beach season feel more special, I decided to make a new beach blanket and beach bag.  I figure this is my equivalent to buying new patio furniture (which we won't be doing this year).  But really, the beach is I where I do a lot of my summer time entertaining, and I can enjoy a good friend and a cool drink on my new beach blanket as easily as I could on new patio furniture.

 The bag is white and orange-y patchwork.  Extra roomy, with padded straps and lining for durability and comfort.  I also put in some large zipper pockets for the essentials: sunscreen, hair ties, surf wax.

This last year when I taught embroidery lessons to a sweet group of girls, my girls and I had some pretty little embroidery pieces that needed homes.  I decided to put them here and there on the beach bag.

Ginger mastered the chain stitch and lazy daisy stitch.  How could I not want to look at that all summer?

I made the blanket and the bag a sort of a set.  The blanket is a white, aqua, and orange patchwork, with some pieces of my old beach blanket and the awesome vintage trim from my old beach blanket.  I couldn't say good bye to that. 
 What makes summer special for you?