lacking and looking for inspiration

My inspiration left me this week. All of a sudden. I'm not sure it had ever happened to this degree before, ever. I did not want to make anything. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to make. I just sat on the couch, looking into space, not interested in making at all. I was even thinking that I would stop making all together, forever. Just be done. Well, that was all ridiculous, really. Who was I kidding. I need to make. I just had to look back over my life to see how much making was a part of it.

It started coming back to me. Slowly, and in small amounts. I made a baby hat. Not my regular, tried and true baby hat. Something completely new and different. I just made it up as I went. I needed freedom.

Then I dug up the wooden hangars I had buried somewhere. I put some yarn on one. I liked it.

It's all baby steps. Next, I want to make a new beach blanket. Something simple. Something for me. Maybe even some new pajama pants out of my big stash of vintage sheets. For me.
Baby steps.