color and photos

Color is the theme for the next couple of weeks in my cousin Megan and mine's photo a day project.  This theme can be pretty open to interpretation, and is a very fun and easy one to acheive.  We have come up with a list of themes, with the help of Lukas.  We will be picking randomly from these themes every couple of weeks.  I think it worked out perfectly to start out with some easy ones.  There are a few in our list that are going to require a bit more concentration and perhaps manual reading.  But I'm looking forward to them all, really.  I want to stretch myself and learn more.  

This new photography love of mine has definitely been a happy place for me in  my creative rut.  The rut hasn't trickled over into my camera.  My camera has actually been a tool to help dig me out of my rut.  As are my selfish sewing projects.