hello new year!

Oh, how I love fresh new things! I love that I get to make this year into whatever I want it to be. I can leave behind bad habits, I can prune the dead limbs, and make room for new, fresh growth.

I've had some ideas of what I want my new year to become, and just the other day took the time to write them down. For some reason, that makes me feel one step closer to making them happen. If I don't write them down, those ideas just float around in my head, bumping into each other, and possibly floating away, never to be seen again. Well, not this time. The ideas are trapped now in my notebook. Ideas about blogging, sewing, exercising, cooking, mothering, housecleaning...

I can't wait to start sharing them with you over the next few weeks, along with a few fun things I've been making to make my house feel new and fresh.