camera challenge{d}: the upgrade

i have been having so much fun learning how to use my point and shoot camera,
hoping that one day i would be able to get a better camera.
i knew it would not be soon.
but that gave me more time to learn on my little point and shoot.

last week i got a package in the mail. it had no return address on it,
it was a mystery to me why i would have received this package.

this camera was inside. looking up at me. smiling.

i burst into tears.

dear friends from far away had recently upgraded their camera,
and they chose to bless me with their "old" one.

it's a canon rebel xti.

i'm in love with my new camera.
i've already learned a lot on it, with hopes of learning so much more.
the next thing i need to figure out is how to get the pictures off of it and into my computer.
then, of course, the seamstress in me is dying to make a cute strap cover!
(do real photographers consider this a priority?)