seashell dresses by the sea

this photo courtesy of toni weber photography

a dress to wear with your feet in the sand.
a dress to wear on a sunny summer day.
a dress to remind you of good days gone by, and good times to come.

these dresses are handmade with little shell stitches crocheted across the bodice.
with a scalloped shell border.

paired with blue corduroy's favorite vintage prints
and a bit of vintage lace trim above the bottom ruffle.

available in the shop in child sizes 2 through 8 and a variety of colors.

a comfy dress to wear.
a handmade heirloom.

seashell dresses by the sea.
(say that five times fast)

**a big thank you to toni for taking such lovely pictures for us at the beach!
toni is a natural born photographer, among many other amazing qualities.
coming soon: an interview with toni!**