{books &} Little House on the Prairie

how many times have you read {the little house on the prairie} series?
when was the last time?
i still remember very fondly those quiet hours in my cozy space out on the prairie.
the world you get transported to when your involved in a good book is priceless.

Becca (bright haven)

the simple, yet feminine look of the prairie is a big part of me.
the prairie look has inspired so much of our style throughout history.
i find myself always drawn to those little floral calico's and modest lines.
there's a sort of humility to life on the prairie that is so wonderful.

i read {little house} when i was young, third or fourth grade maybe.
then i read them aloud to my girls when they were only 3 & 6,
and they were both glued to my side chapter after chapter.
now my oldest is reading them for the first time to herself.

there are so many amazing books out there
i sometimes grow faint with excitement of wanting to read them all, right now!
good books are like good food. they feed your mind and make it big and strong.
and likewise, bad, mindless books can make your mind lazy and fat.

i hope for children {of all ages} to feast on the best of the best!