laughing and stenciling

what a super fun time i had the other night at my buddy ginger's house!
she was celebrating the end of a very busy season for her
by having a handful of crafty friends over to learn along with her the art of freezer paper stenciling.

ginger may possibly be the funniest person i've ever met.
i don't know if i stopped laughing the entire night!
we had a fabulous meal, a fun tour of her studio,
and learned a new (totally doable) craft.

i have seen this craft recently explained on emily sparks blog
(who is very adorably pregnant).
and i'm sure there are a hundred other tutorials out there.
although, i really do enjoy the in person tutorial, myself.

knowing i was just going to be learning,
i decide to make a few very simple patches to sew on to my girls' library bags.
the girls were pleased.

thanks ginger for the fun night! and kristina for showing us all how!!