this is home

my family has just moved. what a transition. we haven't moved for almost a decade. that's a long time. we've been at our new house for about 3 weeks now, and i think we're finally starting to feel at home.

first it was packing. and not careful, label the box, wrap up the breakable kind of packing. more like last minute, "i decided to get the uhaul today instead of when we were planning on, honey."

then it was trying to find what to wear digging into boxes, wondering where those jeans went.

mixed in was pure awe at the awesome house we were blessed with, and the wonder of it all.

and then there's that strange sense of "this really doesn't feel like home....yet."

well, i think we've turned the corner. i realized it the other night when i was done doing the dishes. this is home.