easy, no sew, t-shirt remake tutorial

i'm not super fond of the high crew neck many t-shirts have. i really prefer anything else. v-neck, scoop neck, boat neck, etc.

this t-shirt makeover takes just about 5 minutes.

all you will need is a t-shirt, a ruler, and some scissors.

first step is to fold your t-shirt in half so that the shoulder seams match up in the middle

and the center front neckline and back neckline are on opposite ends.

once my shirt is straight and ready

(all lumps and creases have been smoothed away)

i measured 1" from the bottom of the neck ribbing,

cutting both front sections at the same time to ensure an even neckline.

i then tapered my cut toward the shoulder seams to be only 1/2" down from the neck ribbing.

lastly, i cut from the middle back towards the should seams again,

1/2" down from the neck ribbing.

**note: the cuts are actually rather small with a big result. take care you don't cut too much off. you can always cut more, but you can't put back on if you've cut too much.


i feel better already!