celebration (and a tiny bit of guilt)

i did it! my dottie angel challenge is complete!
i bought {almost}everything handmade or secondhand
for my house and my own wardrobe for one whole year.

i've shared some highlights along the way here, here, here and here.

i really love shopping at thrift stores. something about times past.
i actually have dreams where i'm at a warehouse full of old treasures
that are mine for the taking.
and i do find myself scoping out the treasures at elderly friends homes.

retro gaming life

did i ever cave? give into temptation? well, i'm not going to lie.
i bought myself some new shoes.
for some reason, shoes i do not find second hand.
they don't call out my name, and they're never the right size.
whatever the excuse, i broke down and i bought them.

this will not turn into a guilt ridden post however, but one of celebration!
i don't see this as the end of a long year of abstinence,
but the continuation of a lifestyle.

thanks to dottie for presenting the challenge.