oh the places they go!

i've made quite a few of these caps.
they are all different.
they are all made with love.
most of them are made sitting at the beach, watching the waves.

i love thinking about them in their new homes.
they've gone places as far as australia, canada, new york.
it baffles me to think of something i sat hooking on the beach could wind up somewhere so far.

and now this.
this tops it all.
to know that my hero, dottie angel, has one of my humble hand made caps
upon her oh so stylish head thrills me! she is so kind and gracious, and the perfect model.
her crafty goodness is an ever inspiration to me.
and her thrifty ways, admirable.

and so i will continue to sit and crochet these caps,
as long as they continue to go out
and find themselves in places i can only dream of going.