We love books! We have shelves full of books in most of the rooms in our house. I get so excited thinking about all the great books out there waiting for us to read them that sometimes I have to let out a little tiny squeal.

Even though we own so many great books. We still go to the library once a week and load up. We have been storing those great library finds on the same bookshelf as the books we own, on their own shelf. But I had a new idea. Why not put them in their own basket, right there by the couch, which is our spot of choice for reading these masterpieces.

So I looked and looked (at the thrift shop, of course) for the perfect library book basket. And look what I found. This was made for books. This is the perfect size for our living room. All this needed was a touch of color.

So taking a clue from my favorite arrangement of fake posies, I got out the pink spray paint. Those books are so happy now!