blue corduroy goes to paso

Last weekend I loaded up Blue Corduroy and took it to the Children's Fair in downtown Paso Robles. It was a rather hot day (95 degrees), but we were prepared with ice water, sprayers, and curtains in case the sun poked in through the sides of the tent. Luckily the big two city block town square is full of shade trees, and there was a gently wind all day.

My friend Lindy came down from Santa Cruz selling her own handmade vintage note cards and her friends Twinkle Baby line.

We had a lovely time sitting in the shade, chatting with our customers. Blue Corduroy loves being in the great outdoors with the wind blowing it's ruffles all around. Blue Corduroy's next opportunity for fresh air and sunshine will be in my favorite local beach town, Cayucos, for the 4th of July Front Street Faire.