something old, something new

My dear cousin Megan came down from San Francisco this weekend so we could make her wedding dress. What an honor! Hers is view 3 above. She picked an off-white cotton with tan polka dots- too cute, and totally her. We redesigned the neckline and added a row of tiny little wooden buttons down the back. We had a blast! Sewing and trying on, all weekend long.

"Megan is here. Megan came here so mommy could help her with her wedding dress. Megan is 26 that is a big number isn't it? There is a lot to say about Megan. Do you like horses, yes, she likes horses but it is not her favorite animal. Her favorite animal is a dolphin. Mommy and Megan are having trouble with the sleeves of the wedding dress. They say it is a sewing marathon I think it is more like too much sewing. For me it would be funner if they did not have to sew and if me and Ginger could play with them." -Ruby, 8 years old.