our family is growing

Our family of sewing machines, that is. Ruby got a new (used) machine for her birthday, which really rounds out the family dynamics around here.

Grandpa Pfaff's been around and seen the world. He'll hoist you up on his knee and tell you tales of long ago. He's the kind of grandpa who you always run to when you need that stubborn jar lid unscrewed. He's ancient, but tough.

Our new member, Aunt Sing-Sing is a great gal. She's a fun loving auntie, always the first one in the water and the last to get out. She's everyone's favorite, probably because she's so patient and easy going. She remembers when girls wore poodle skirts, and can still admire a fresh Amy Butler print.

And then there's good old cousin Bernie. He pulls up in his race car, willing to give anyone a ride who's willing to hold tight.

You should just see the dinner table when the whole family of sewing machines get together. Needles flying, thread everywhere, and everyone wearing a smile!