Secret Agent 007

There's something so satisfying in a clean seam. Does anyone else get this feeling while sewing?

I just love how the seams are all even, no fraying, so tidy.

Here's my secret agent. It's a Bernina Funlock 007D (D for Deluxe). He's pretty faithful. Has been for the 15 or 20 years I've ran fabric through his cutters. Oh sure, I've broken a few needles along the way, gotten frustrated by rethreading the 4 different spools that sit on his back, but he's held up his end of the bargain just fine.
He's such a behind the scenes kind of guy. Doesn't get any of the glory in how the final product looks from the outside. Just waits patiently for the few admirers who dare look inside to discover the neat, tidy seams.