our new luxury liner

Never in a million years did I expect that after posting those pictures of my dream couches I would be finding one the very next day! I certainly wasn't looking for a couch when I walked into the Goodwill Warehouse. I'd actually never been into this Goodwill before. It is the main Goodwill headquarters for our area, and is a warehouse in every sense of the word. For some reason I was drawn to the large section of sofas. There was this beauty sitting amongst her very worn out sisters. "I'm not planning on buying this couch" I say to myself, "but it doesn't hurt to ask how much it is".

The price was astonishing, unbelievable, too good to be true. For a mere fifty dollars, this couch could be mine! With my husband out of town (equipped with a large van and large muscles) unable to get this whale of a couch home, the adventure began. After finding out that a good deal of male friends with trucks were out of town, or occupied, I resorted to good old Craiglist. I found a nice man, in need of some work, with a large truck, ready to help.

"What happened to that uncomfortable, ugly, fits only 2 people, loveseat she had in there before the new luxury liner?" is probably what you're thinking now. Craigslist to the rescue, again. I listed it for free, and the very next morning someone came to my house and hauled that thing right out of here!