nothing to show

Where does the time go? No, I haven't been at the beach since Valentine's day. I have actually been doing lots of things, some of which required fabric and sewing machine.

(Urban Outfitter)

I've sewn up a new toddler dress pattern that I've been designing in my head for a few weeks, I've sewn up a new skirt pattern I only just thought of while looking at my fabric stash, I've modified a thrifted dress for myself by adding a bit of length to it with a ruffle (made from a thrifted t-shirt). I'm sure I could show pictures of these things, but that would require me to have a camera, which has been taken out of town with my husband who is out of town with my camera.

(Urban Outfitter)

So instead, I'll just give you a few pictures of some couches I like to look at while I keep busy doing things that nobody will see.